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Skipping the entire game (spoilers)


Submitted By: BeZ

Encountered By: No one else has encountered this glitch


Someone over at Bethesda seriously messed up with this one, and they left it in the game despite multiple updates!

If you can glitch yourself inside the model of The Temple of the One you can find the top of a door sticking out of the floor. This door leads you directly to the end of the game!

Once you've gone through the door you just need to exit the building, go around it to trigger the start of the quest, then get back inside and wait for Martin to turn up.

Once Martins said his piece the game will end!

There's a couple of ways you can glitch yourself into the Temples model, you can do the "walk through walls" glitch as demonstrated below or you can use the paint brush glitch to build yourself a staircase to the roof which you can jump through.

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