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Water Barrier Breaker


Submitted By: xShAdOwYxMiSt

Encountered By: No one else has encountered this glitch


This Glitch Was Found By Me And My Team Leader Snestendoman

The Video Below Is A Invoice Tutorial But Its Very Simple

  1. Find A Body Of Water That Isnt Super Deep Best Map To Do It On Is River Because There Arent A Lot Of Death Barriers
  2. Jump Into The Water Near A Wall And As Your Touching The Water Rapidly Press The Square Button If Done Correct Youll See You Character Start Sliding Around Underwater Once You See This Hold Circle To Swim Beneath The Map And Explore!:)

For More Glitches Like This Be Sure To Check My Pots On Here And YouTube

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BeZ (admin) *

Hey, this is awesome, thanks for sharing!

I've fixed the formatting of your description so your links/list display properly, protip: if you use the full link including the https part it'll turn into a clickable link!