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Submitted By: xShAdOwYxMiSt

Encountered By: BeZ


I xShAdOwYxMiSt Discovered This The Day Episode 2 Was Released Because My Old Method Of Getting Out The Map Has Been Patched:(

The Video Below Explains In Voice How To Do It Put Its Very Simple

  1. Take Cover On Any Wall With Your Pistol In Your Hand
  2. Hold Aim Button, As Soon As You See Your Character Going To Aim Drop The Pistol To The Ground
  3. Youll Now Be In Cover With No Pistol But Itll Be At Your Feet With A Option To Pick It Up
  4. Rapidly Press Aim Button While Picking Up The Pistol If Done Correct You Will See Your Character Disappear For A Quick Moment Then Appear Again Now If You Look Down At The Radar You Can See You Characters Arrow Is Moving Far Off The Map Evertime You Keep Pressing The Aim Button Once You See This Hold The Aim Button And Then While Holding Down The Aim Button Hold Down The Instinct Button Your Character Will Now Disappear And Teleport Out Of The Map But Your Camera Is Still In The Spot Where Your Supposed To Be So Nobody Knows Where You Are And You Cannot Be Kiled Because Your Body Is Actually Under The Map.

This Teleporting / Invincibility Glitch Can Also Be Used In A Different Way To Get Out The Map!

For More Glitches Like This Feel Free To View My Other Posts Here Or On My YouTube Channel Thanks Guys!

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BeZ (admin)

I was messing around with this glitch in the attic of the mansion in Sapienza and the sound went crazy and eventually my game just froze, so I guess this isn't safe to use everywhere... Crazy glitch though!