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What is GlitchDB?

GlitchDB is a user contributed collection of glitches discovered within games.

It's almost inevitable that while gaming you're going to run into the occasional glitch and GlitchDB gives you a place to document and share that glitch with the community.

Glitches come in all shapes and forms, some can be frustrating and game breaking while others can be fun or even useful, here you can discover all types of glitches for your favourite games.

We rely on our users to contribute the glitches they discover, so get out there and have fun glitching!

How can I use GlitchDB?

Finding Glitches

You can easily discover glitches on GlitchDB by checking the homepage, from there you can see the latest glitches that have been submitted.

If you want to see glitches for a specific game then check out the Games page, there you will find a list of games that you can find glitches for, clicking a game will take you to that games page where you can find glitches for that game.

If you can't find the game you are looking for on the games page then try typing it's name into the filter box, if the game doesn't show up then it probably hasn't been added to GlitchDB yet. See Submitting Glitches to find out how to add games and glitches to the GlitchDB.

You can also use the advanced games filter to find games for specific platforms or developers.

On an individual game page you can also use the advanced glitches filter to find glitches for that game belonging to a specific category or platform.

Submitting Glitches

If you want to contribute a glitch to GlitchDB then you can do so by first signing up to create an account. Once you've signed up you will need to activate your account by clicking the link sent to the email address you used to sign up, if you don't receive this email then please contact us and we will activate the account for you.

When you've successfully signed up and activated your account you can then sign in using the username and password you used to sign up with.

Once signed in make your way to the page for the game you wish to submit a glitch for, the easiest way to do this would be via the Games page. When you find the game you're adding the glitch to click on the Record Glitch button, this will open a window where you can add details for your glitch such as the name, description, a video URL, platforms, categories etc. Once these details have been filled in click the "Record Glitch" button to save the glitch.

Submitting Glitch Compilations

If you add a YouTube video to a glitch then you will have the option of adding a Compilation, these allow you to add multiple glitches grouped together within one YouTube video.

To add a compilation first enter the YouTube URL into the Video URL field, a "Compilation" checkbox will then appear, checking this will display the compilation options.

Underneath the YouTube video you will see a button allowing you to record a glitch within the compilation, clicking this will add a glitch at the current time on the video. You can change the time by scrolling through the video or typing the minutes/seconds into the time boxes next to the button.

When adding a glitch to the compilation you will need to enter a title for the glitch and choose the platforms, you can optionally also choose categories and enter a more detailed description.

Once you have added all the glitches to the compilation click the "Record Glitch" button to save the compilation.

Adding Games

If the game hasn't already been added to GlitchDB then you can add it yourself from the Games page by clicking the "Add Game" button, this will open a window where you can search for the game you want to add. This uses the IGDB database of games, so the game must exist in their database to be added to GlitchDB.